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Best quality makeup brushes : Eye makeup remover review.

Best Quality Makeup Brushes

best quality makeup brushes

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paint brushes nestled in a tableau of items in a shop in Baton Rouge, LA. Sheryl Campbell owns a framing & antique shop full of gorgeous & rare items... like original Audobon Society books with gold gilded edges. If you're in Baton Rouge and looking for such items, be SURE to make an appointment with their shop (504-925-2027, tell them Bryce & Katie sent you!)

They are a family of artist & too sweet to be true! Southern hospitality at its best. Sheryl is a painter, and her daughter Melisse is a photographer & jewelry maker. What special people! And what a wonderful shop.... could have photographed it all day.

Brush Creek

Brush Creek

Brush creek in Sequoia National Forest, California

best quality makeup brushes

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